The Chancellor of the UAEU meets with one of the newest Fellows of the International Positive Psychology Association

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His Excellency Zaki Nusseibeh, Cultural Adviser to His Highness the President of the United Arab Emirates and Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University met with Ms Noof M. Aljneibi to celebrate her award of Fellowship to the International Positive Psychology Association.  The meeting was also attended by Professor Mohammed Hasan Ali the UAEU’s Acting Provost.

The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) is a professional organisation founded in 2007 to promote the science of positive psychology and to encourage, facilitate, and disseminate research findings in the field. It is concerned to make sure that research finds responsible and effective application to ensure practitioners are supplied with the expertise necessary to maximise wellbeing and happiness.

Ms Noof M. Aljenbi is a graduate of the College of Information Technology at UAEU and holds a Masters in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, USA.  She currently serves as the Director of the Emirates Research Center for Happiness Research (ECHR) based at UAEU, which is the first research centre in the region devoted to the subject of wellbeing and the advance of evidence-based practice in the field.

IPPA Fellowships are conferred to members of the association who have made the most significant contributions to the scientific or practical advance of the field of positive psychology within their area of specialisation and to the development of the International Positive Psychology Association.

His Excellency offered his congratulations to Ms Noof M. Aljenbi, noting that her work as Director of the ECHR had been effective in establishing the domain as an area of professional practice that had shown its importance in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was essential that there was a source of evidence-based practice and professional activity in the domain of happiness and wellbeing when these two essential facets of human experience were challenged to such a great degree as a consequence of the Coronavirus.  We celebrate the landmark work of the ECHR led by Ms Noof M. Aljenbi, and support and anticipate her future achievements and successes”.

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