UAE University is Funding 56 Research Projects ‎Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals

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The UAE University plays an active role in achieving ‎and keeping pace with the sustainable development ‎goals of the United Nations by supporting initiatives ‎and projects seeking to achieve this ambitious vision. ‎The scientific research represents an important tool to ‎build sustainable societies. The UAEU is awarding ‎‎56 research projects related to the sustainable ‎development goals.

The projects will be conducted by ‎faculty members, researchers, and 254 undergraduate ‎and graduate students from various colleges. The ‎projects will start in January 2022‎‏.‏ Prof. Ahmed Murad, Associate Provost for Research ‎at the UAE University, elaborated that the university ‎spares no effort to enhance its connection and ‎constructive interaction with the community by ‎encouraging such initiatives and implementing ‎projects to help achieve the seventeen sustainable ‎development goals related to quality education, good ‎health, welfare, clean energy, clean water, industry, ‎innovation, infrastructure and other projects that ‎contribute to serving humanity‏.‏

He added that the aim of the University UN ‎Sustainable Development Goals research program is ‎to increase awareness of students and community ‎about these goals (SDGs) by providing research ‎grants and necessary resources to examine and ‎implement research ideas to find sustainable solutions ‎under the supervision faculty members. These ‎projects aim to promote the culture of giving to the ‎community by resolving societal issues in a scientific ‎and innovative manner. The projects highlight the ‎students’ role in addressing social and environmental ‎issues.

The office of Associate Provost for Research ‎aims to build and enhance the academic research skills ‎of the students, considering research as one of the ‎important future skills to ensure the continuous ‎development and progress‏.‏ Prof. Ahmed Murad explained that the 56 research ‎projects include 31 programs that support the ‎eleventh goal related to "sustainable cities and ‎regions". This is equivalent to 55.4% of the total ‎funded research projects.

In addition, ten projects ‎support the second goal related to "eradicating ‎hunger". Also, eight research projects contribute to ‎the first goal " eradication of poverty" and seven other ‎projects support the fourteenth goal "life under ‎water‏".‏ 


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