Zaki Nusseibeh honors students and staff who volunteered ‎at the Expo 2020 Dubai UAEU Pavilion

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H.E. Zaki Nusseibeh, ‎Cultural Adviser to H. H. the President of the UAE and ‎Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, has ‎honored students and staff who served as volunteers at the Expo 2020 Dubai UAEU Pavilion.

Addressing the volunteers, Chancellor ‎Nusseibeh said, “Your distinguished efforts have strengthened the leading role of the UAEU, the ‘University of the Future’. Your remarkable dedication has served to highlight the university’s distinctive achievements in academic research, innovation, advanced technology, and the development of science in front of the whole world. You have shown that the UAEU works as one harmonious community to serve the public interest and that we are optimistic about our role in building a bright future for the UAE and the coming generations”.

Chancellor Nusseibeh placed the volunteers’ efforts in the context of the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He said, “The humanitarian work of Sheikh Zayed, at home and abroad, made voluntary work and charitable work defining characteristics of the Emirati people. His efforts generated a reputation for the UAE as a beacon of international humanitarian aid and service. We are proud of our deeply civilized foundations. These roots make us a highly developed country and one that seeks to build a pioneering, sustainable, and prosperous society. The culture of volunteering in the UAE is pronounced and shared by all citizens and residents. The efforts of volunteers follow the footsteps of our founding father and serve to place the UAE in a leading position worldwide in terms of advancing social and scientific development in the interest of the sustainability, wellbeing, and security of our common future”.

Remarking on the contribution of volunteers to the success of the UAEU Pavilion, the Chancellor said, “I am very pleased in you all for your work in highlighting the values of the UAE. We are a hospitable country that is proud of its traditional culture. We receive our visitors with the great Arab hospitality that is part of our ancient Emirati heritage”.

Offering his thanks to the students and staff he said, “You should have confidence that your excellent service as volunteers will be appreciated always. You have represented the UAEU as a community that is able to work together. I wish you continued success and wellbeing into the future”. 

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