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The United Arab Emirates University announced the launch of the "KHIBRA" program, the first of its kind in the Middle East, to train students and guide them in various aspects of work by the university-experienced graduates specializing in their leadership, administrative and technical fields, during the press conference held virtually through the Zoom on Tuesday 16/02/2021. With the participation of Prof. Ahmed Murad - Associate Provost for Research - and Sultan Al Haji - Partnerships Expert at the United Arab Emirates University (KHIBRA Coordinator) and Eng. Bader Al-Lamki - CEO of the National Central Cooling Company (Tabreed) (Chairman of KHIBRA board).

The UAEU graduates (Alumni) through the " KHIBRA " program will provide training courses, workshops and lectures, in addition to guiding students in developing their abilities to engage in working life. This expertise will also exchange their experiences with the faculty to learn about the latest technologies and strategies in the professions. The program participants will be able to present their advice and courses to the local community, representing the United Arab Emirates University.

Prof. Ahmed Murad - Associate Provost for Research at the United Arab Emirates University - said during the press conference: “I am pleased to announce the “KHIBRA” program, one of the strategic initiatives in the Development and Alumni Relations Unit at the United Arab Emirates University. It in turn invests the capabilities and experience of experienced graduates in enhancing and enriching the educational process. It also aims to qualify university students for the labor market by training, advising and guiding them to choose appropriate programs that qualify them and develop their practical capabilities in the future.

The Associate Provost for Research added: “The KHIBRA Program is a unique program in the region as it brings together graduates experienced in their various specialties with the university continuing students. We look forward to achieving the United Arab Emirates University’s strategy regarding the importance of building bridges of communication with graduates and benefiting from their experiences.”

The " KHIBRA" program aims to develop and strengthen relationships between specialists from university graduates, students, faculty members and the community, and to support students by volunteering graduates by giving lectures, each in his area of expertise. It also aims to enlighten and update students, faculty and community about latest developments in the various fields, and assist and train students in their academic and professional paths, as well as provide professional advice. The volunteers, each in their respective fields, will advise students and the faculty on labor market issues.

The candidate must be a graduate of the United Arab Emirates University with at least 3 years of work experience to join the program and volunteering to deliver training courses, workshops and give lectures to the university students. In addition to the approval of the steering committee for the proposed program and the lecturer after assessing the suitability of the proposed program for the university's academic requirements and the labor market. 

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