The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning at UAEU receives the 2021 International Blackboard Catalyst Award for Leading Change

Professor Hassan Mohamed SaleemProfessor Hassan Mohamed Saleem, Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning CETL, at the United Arab Emirates University was awarded the prestigious 2021 International Blackboard Award for Leading Change on behalf of the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the UAE University. It is given to leaders of change and those who have an impact on the International level in developing and innovating change strategies that affect teaching and learning, and that are applicable through educational technologies and practices to improve student performance and academic development as well as  increase success rates in a manner that enhances the UAEU overall vision of leadership and excellence at the national and international level.

Professor Hassan - Director of the Center, said, "The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the UAE University, since it was established, has adopted the concept of leadership and excellence in teaching and learning within the UAE University. As well as promoting the concept of excellence in teaching and learning in accordance with the mission and vision of the United Arab Emirates University by encouraging and training faculty members to use modern and innovative educational technologies and promoting modern teaching and learning methods and theories among faculty members.

Many changes have been made, most notably course conversion into a hybrid teaching style, weekly professional development activities for faculty members, communities of practice (CoPs) such as Blackboardians, digital learning champions, faculty community, digital textbooks, and the PhD Students Teaching Academy Program The UAEUx platform on edX, Research on Teaching and Learning (SoTL), and other ideas and programs that promote and encourage innovation in education, learning and development to keep pace with transformations in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at UAEU are proud of this strategic partnership with Blackboard International.

He pointed out that the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the UAE University consists of four main units, which are the professional development unit for faculty members, the teaching methods design unit, the teaching research and evaluation unit, and the electronic textbooks unit.

Lee Blackmore, Chief Customer Officer and Head of Global Markets at Blackboard International, said: “We are pleased to honor this year’s award winners for their commitment to improving the educational experience for all learners through the use of educational technologies and sharing their practices with the broader education and learning community. We are proud to partner with institutions that innovate to enhance the student success."

It is worth mentioning that this award is given to those who are at the forefront of innovation in education. It honors those who represent outstanding educational institutions that have developed and implemented influential educational strategies at a large scale. Winners have developed practices and techniques that have had a positive impact on learning outcomes, student performance, and academic progress. The Blackboard Catalyst Award is awarded for leaders of change in organizations and individuals who actively promote widespread adoption of innovative strategies with the potential to increase student success rates. The Catalyst Awards were founded in 2005, honoring innovation and excellence in Blackboard's global community of practice, where millions of educators and learners work every day to redefine what's possible when leveraging technology. The winners are selected by a cross-functional team of Blackboard experts and who represent the best in their fields.

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