KHIBRA Program at UAE University begins its first activities in October 2021

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69  graduates conduct workshops for UAE university students

The UAE University announced the launch of the first activities of the " KHIBRA Program" next October, which aims to activate the partnership with the university's graduates and benefit from their accumulated experiences in building and qualifying the UAE university students. The registration has been opened for all graduates to participate in the service of the university and the community.

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Research and supervisor of Alumni Affairs Unit at the university, said that this program aims to build bridges of knowledge between the graduates and the university students through exchanging experiences and informing students of the skills acquired by the graduates in the labor market and presenting them to the students in the training courses and workshops. This program also contributes to enhancing academic programs by linking the real needs of the labor market with academic programs.


He also added, “After the evaluation, 69 graduates who hold various positions in government and private institutions and businesses will contribute to providing training courses and skill-building programs, with various experiences ranging from 3 to 36 years, with an average experience of up to 20 years which includes: medicine, health and health care, advanced technology, leadership, health care management, finance, scientific research, education, strategies, computing and auditing. The training focuses on technical and non-technical aspects in addition to innovative work, financial and legal aspects and academic research.

Prof. Ahmed Murad emphasized, "Through this program, we aim to enhance the value of volunteering in society by providing the acquired knowledge and skills to contribute to building future generations, which will benefit the students, the university, and society. The Steering Committee evaluates and aligns the submitted applications and selects the optimal one based on experience and the quality of the program.

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