UAEU announces six research projects in cooperation with ‎Chinese Academy of Sciences

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The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has announced the funding of six joint research projects between researchers from the UAEU and researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This research cooperation comes within the UAEU endeavor to strengthen international partnerships and activate the Memorandum of Understanding signed on February 4, 2021‎‏.‏

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Research, confirmed that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Academy of Sciences comes in line with the university’s strategy that seeks to create distinct and strong relations with various higher education institutions from inside and outside the country. This cooperation will enhance the commitment of both parties to enrich the quality of academic research through distinguished contributions. He added, "Investing in academic research and international partnerships with major research institutions and universities is fundamental to achieve the sustainability of research production and enhance the university's international position, especially, the funded research projects are related to water resources, mobility, environment and wildlife, camel milk products, energy, big data, and health.”

He pointed out that the UAEU is funding two research projects with Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences for a period of three years, the first entitled "Smart Farm: All-In-One Bioinspired Leaves for Water and Energy Harvesting", and the second entitled "Predictive Modelling of Road Deterioration Networks".

Prof. Ahmed Murad added that a research project between the university and the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry entitled "Detection and determination of carbamate pesticides and related metabolites in camel milk products of UAE" has also been funded, and the duration of the project is four years. Meanwhile, a research project with the Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences was funded, which is entitled ‎‎“Population genomic approach to guide the conservation of commercially important fish in the Arabian Gulf and beyond”, and the duration of the project is four years. He also said that a research project was funded with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics that is entitled “Toward high efficiency and large-scale production of flexible perovskite solar cells" and the duration of the project is four years.   In addition to a research project on “Real-time adaptive brachytherapy treatment planning system based on multi-modality image guidance for cervical cancer " and the duration is two years."

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