College of Food and Agriculture at UAEU signs a Memorandum of Understanding with CODE134 Technology LLC" for artificial fertilization of date palms with drones

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The College of Food and Agriculture at the United Arab Emirates University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the "Code Three Fourteen Technology LLC", to promote the process of fertilization of date palms using advanced technology, "artificial fertilization of date palms with drones", at the college building on the university campus, in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Salem Al-Yafei - Vice Dean of the College, Mr. Mohammed Al-Mousa - Director General, Mr. Ahmed Abu Al-Hol Al Falasi - Commercial Director, and a number of faculty members in the college, and representatives of the company. The memorandum of understanding aims to enhance research cooperation between the UAE University and the company in the field of developing date palm production in the United Arab Emirates.

This research project, led by Dr. Zainab Ahmed - Associate Professor, Department of Integrated Agriculture, College of Food and Agriculture, in partnership with Prof. Mohammed Al-Yafei, and Prof. Abdullah Al-Dakhil, Director of Research Farms at the College, aims to develop the date palm fertilization process using advanced technology known as artificial fertilization of date (Phoenix Dactylifera L), using an automatic system installed on (a drone). This method will save the use of labor to fertilize palm trees and also save time and effort, as the drone can fertilize 200 palm trees in 10 minutes without the need for any labor by developing special electronic programs for this process. This technology is considered the fastest and best method of fertilization in the agricultural field so far. The results of this research can be circulated to different date palm plantations inside and outside the UAE, in addition to the possibility of its application in the field of fertilization and fighting insects harmful to economic crops as red palm weevil, which is considered the biggest enemy of palm production in the country.

Dr. Mohammed Salem Al-Yafei - Vice Dean of the College said that the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the College of Food and Agriculture and the Code Three Fourteen Technology LLC, which is one of the promising new national companies in the field of artificial intelligence technology and its applications in the field of agriculture, as one of the Innovative systems to contribute to the efforts to achieve agricultural sustainability, food security and its various applications in the country. It comes as a strengthening of strategic and research partnerships aimed at developing academic research in the fields of using advanced technology in agriculture, especially in the field of developing the productivity of palm trees in the country.

He added, "The college seeks to transfer the latest technology, modern scientific techniques and knowledge of special applications and skills for its students to be qualified to deal with the environment in the UAE and enhance their scientific and applied skills. Especially, the date palm trees have become as a result of special care, and the use of modern technologies more productive and efficient in combating desertification." and facing environmental and climatic changes.

Mr. Ahmed Al Falasi - Commercial Director of CODE Three Fourteen Technology LLC, noted that this cooperation with the United Arab Emirates University to develop the process of fertilizing date palms using advanced technology is the fruit of the efforts made by both parties. Especially since we have made many experiments in scientific research centers, the farms of the UAE University, and many different farms in the country. The results were distinguished in the development of palm trees, and the applications of modern technology to contribute effectively to enhancing the state's efforts to achieve food security, and to provide advanced agricultural solutions, to develop modern technologies in this important vital field. It is to achieve the vision of our wise leadership in developing palm tree cultivation in the country and actively contributing to achieving sustainability and food security in the future.

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Jun 1, 2021