An Associate Professor at the Department of Special ‎Education -UAEU publishes a book discusses the ‎mystery of Autism

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Dr. Maria Efstratopoulou: Autistic children don't ‎ignore us, they just wait for us to enter their world ‎ 

Contributed to enriching the UAEU libraries, Dr. Maria Efstratopoulou, researcher and Associate professor at the Department of Special Education ‎‎(CEDU) has published two books on Autism and Children’s health and education that topped the list of bestsellers in the world, according to Nova Science Publishers, NY, USA.

The first book, “The Enigma of Autism: Genius, Disorder or Just Different?” provides the reader and researcher on Developmental disorders with different aspects and characteristics of Autism, and discusses behavior disorders, sensory sensitivity, anxiety and their effects on the social life of people with autism in depth.  The book discusses the mental health of families and coping strategies using data from friendly interviews and discussions with parents and family members of children with autism. Moreover, it introduces intervention strategies and educational methods in an attempt to help parents and professionals obtain latest practices as well as benefits and effects required for both educational professionals and families in real-life situations. This information can help reduce the emotional stress and anxiety caused by a lack of knowledge‏.‏

‏“‏In general, people seem to have the same question that this book asks about autism: who is actually a child with autism? Is it a genius, disable, or just different child?” she said. “My answer is always the same: Autism, it's a different way of experiencing the world”. “Children with autism don't ignore us, they just wait for us to enter their world," she added. "In this book I've also included personal stories from families' experiences and interviews giving their own perspectives."

In the second book, "Bring My Smile Back: Working with Unhappy Children in Education, I discussed the importance of happiness and health and education for children and students‏.‏

Dr. Maria Efstratopoulou noted out, “Scientists believe that the problems on Children’s’ Unhappiness lie in strange cultural and social practices in our modern lives, especially in the way we raise our children. This book aims to explore the link between feelings, well-being, learning and broader social factors that affect children’s happiness.”

‎She added. In this book, I draw from experiences, examples, case studies, and educational methods to present this Interesting literature about children's well-being and emotions. This book also focuses on children's happiness more than their academic achievements and positive behavior, and children’s smiles, above all, in the education process.”

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