In cooperation with the Spanish Club, ‎Spanish music and dance performances on ‎the stage of the UAEU

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The Spanish Club organized a musical show to introduce Spanish art and culture, Where the Spanish Flamenco troupe attended, which dazzled the audience with its artistic dance that have deep roots in Arab and Islamic history, which enhances civilizational and cultural communication between peoples.

Dr. Abdelouahid Samadi, supervisor of the Spanish club at the UAE University, pointed out that the club, which was established in ‎‎2019, includes more than 600 members from university students and from outside the university, and organizes cultural and artistic events throughout the year, with the aim of shedding light on cultures, cultural heritage of peoples and promotion of values of civilized communication. Especially, the UAE is at the forefront of countries that have adopted the approach of promoting tolerance and civilized communication between peoples and nations of different races, beliefs and nationalities without discrimination. Everyone lives on the land of the UAE in peace and security.

The club’s activities are cultural and musical activities that seek to introduce Spanish music by presenting some musical pieces and dances, which has become a distinctive mark in the art scene due to its accordance and harmony, in which university students trained on Spanish musical pieces and the Spanish bands performed folk performances.

He pointed out that the club is based at the United Arab Emirates University, and it is the only club in the Gulf region.  It is cooperating with many parties to organize cultural and artistic activities and events in various fields, and it is well received and encouraged.

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