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UAEU organizes a virtual symposium on "Research Collaboration"

UAEU organizes a virtual symposium on "Research Collaboration"

Thu, 11 November 2021

In Partnership with the Asian Universities Alliance AUA, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is organizing a virtual symposium on research collaboration with the Asian Universities Alliance (AUA), titled "UAEU -AUA Research AUA Symposium", during the period from 9-10 November 2021. It is intended to promote research collaboration in line with the UAEU strategy to develop and build relationships that enhance UAEU research and provide a creative and innovative academic environment.

The symposium focuses on stimulating effective scientific discussions among researchers and identifying new scientific challenges for future projects based on UAEU strategic directions and UAE 10 principles of the next fifty years.

Prof. Ahmed Murad, Associate Provost for Research, said that the symposium represents an extension of the university efforts in presenting the results of the funded research projects, during which the results of 19 ongoing projects of the faculty members from the two universities will be reviewed and discussed. The symposium will be attended by faculty and researchers from prestigious Asian universities such as: National University of Singapore, University of Malaya in Malaysia, University of Indonesia, Tsinghua University in China, and Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan.

He pointed out that during the symposium, research outputs will be presented in various fields of national strategic priority including: energy, water and information technology, in addition to education, medicine and health sciences, which would support the centennial plan of the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Ahmed Murad confirmed that the virtual symposium will provide important recommendations that contribute to the development of research collaboration in the areas of common interest between researchers and scientists from the UAEU and the Asian Universities Alliance. The event will also enhance the outputs of academic research and innovation in the country. He added, this symposium will contribute to shaping the future of joint collaboration between UAEU and the Asian Universities Alliance, which in turn will enhance the university's leading role and even help achieve qualitative leaps in international rankings.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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