UAEU reviews the UAE's achievements in space sciences in a symposium: "Space Science: Sharria view on Hope Probe"

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The Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies - United Arab Emirates University organized a symposium “Space Science, Sharia view on Hope Probe”. It aims to highlight the UAE achievements in space sciences, attended by Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Haddad, Grand Mufti, Director of Ifta Department (IACAD), member of the UAE Fatwa Council and a selection of faculty members in the UAEU Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies. The participants discussed the Qur’anic directives related to space sciences that call for contemplation of the celestial worlds. As far as the Prophet’s Sunnah is concerned, they discussed detailed hadiths related to this matter.

They then presented the jurisprudence provisions related to space science, space travel, and astronauts worship. Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Haddad, in his speech on “Provisions for Space Travel,” said that the development of space science achieved great gains to humanity. It is therefore necessary to employ it for the benefit of the people. He also explained how the UAE has strived to achieve this, and then he addressed some of the provisions for the astronaut worship.

Dr. Mohammad Al Hamid Al Hashemi - a faculty member - presented a paper on “the jurisprudence provisions of astronauts worship. He discussed the provisions of matters that include among other things prayer times in space, facing Mecca, performing ablution/prayer, and shortening /combining prayers for astronauts. In the second session of the symposium, Dr. Lmahaba Mohammad Mayara Al Shanqeeti - Associate Professor in the Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies – explained the ways of thinking and the stages of contemplation, addressing some Qur’anic directives in discovering space. Prof. Maryam Ghurair Al Rumaithi - a faculty member presented the Qur’anic directives by contemplating celestial worlds as evidence of the great creation and confirmation of the absolute power of God.

Finally, Prof. Abdel Aziz Shaker Al Kubaisi - a faculty member presented a paper-on the Prophetic Sunnah use of the space including the sun in determining prayer times. He also noted out that the Sunnah corrects false beliefs about the space. He then explained the impact of the Qur’anic and Prophetic employment of space in inspiring the United Arab Emirates to explore it. 

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