The UAEU works with industry partners to advance the future of Smart Roads and Mobility

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The latest initiative to advance Smart Roads and Mobility in the UAE was launched today by the UAEU’s Emirates Centre for Mobility Research co-funded by the UAEU and Sandooq Al Watan at a meeting of industry stakeholders.  Guests were welcomed to the event by H.E. Zaki Nusseibeh, Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University and Cultural Adviser to His Highness the President of the UAE.

His Excellency explained that the Smart Roads and Mobility Project, “will equip the University campus roads with the latest communication and sensing techniques. It will install smart towers that record, analyze, and transmit mobility data to users of vehicles. The Project offers industry stakeholders an experimental platform which they can use to test their own smart mobility applications and techniques and develop suitable policies and strategic plans”. He underlined that such projects are an integral part of the process of digitization and the process of transforming the urban environment into smart cities. “Universities must advance research in fields related to smart cities. The Smart Roads and Mobility Project turns the university itself into an experimental laboratory where research results can be tested”.

His Excellency noted that the Smart Roads and Mobility Project reflects the University’s commitment to supporting the UAE strategies. “As the University of the Future, our work advances the Fourth Industrial Revolution and develops the knowledge, skills, and practices it demands. We make significant investments in artificial intelligence, advanced technologies, and innovative sciences. In this respect, the Smart Roads and Mobility Project makes a solid contribution to achieving the University’s mission.

His Excellency took the opportunity to note that “The capacity to analyse and use big data is critical to such efforts. The UAEU is fortunate to house a leading research center in Big Data Analytics. The data generated by the Smart Roads and Mobility Project will be made available for use by a variety of stakeholders in the field of transportation.  Their interests include artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, business policies and practices, manufacturing and engineering, legal and political affairs, and health and safety. This work demonstrates the capacity of the UAEU to serve the needs of industry partners and community members in the widest areas of human activity”.

During the launching ceremony, H.E. Abdulla Al Marzouqi, the Director General of the Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi, stated that the initiative reflects our wise leadership’s vision in looking forward to the future. He affirmed that all dedicated efforts are set towards improving the intelligent transport network in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Al Marzouqi added that ITC follows our government’s aspirations and the visions of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) to instil a developed transport environment and build and smart sustainable cities in the Emirate that enhance the quality of life. Al Marzouqi added that the Smart Roads and Mobility Project launched by UAEU comes in line with ITC and DMT’s objectives and the forward-looking vision set for the next fifty years. The project is an example of the cooperation to develop the transport network in Abu Dhabi Emirate. He also added that the academic institutes and the youth play a significant role in shaping the future of the transport sector.

Al Marzouqi indicated that this project supports ITC’s efforts dedicated towards enhancing the required infrastructure to develop self-driving autonomous vehicles and launch the Strategic Transport Evaluation and Assessment Model for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi STEAM+ project. ITC has not only worked towards launching smart transport initiatives, but also alternative and sustainable mobility and encourage its use to instil an integrated and sustainable transport in Abu Dhabi Emirate to improve the quality of services offered to the residents and visitors. 

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