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The United Arab Emirates University is preparing for the next fifty years through various contributions to projects of the 50. It comes within an ambitious strategic plan that contributes to achieving qualitative and ambitious leaps. The university students play the pivotal role in this vision by cognitively and scientifically empowering them to play the future role in development in the next fifty years of the union.

Prof. Mohammad Hassan Ali, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, said that qualifying the university students with future skills through academic and educational programs contributes to qualifying them for the labor market. It can be achieved through designing academic programs that comply with the emerging requirements of the labor market and provide them with the capabilities to compete in the labor market. The UAE University works on a periodic review of academic programs in view of the global trends in each discipline. The university also works periodically to review the real needs of the labor market in terms of academic majors and programs that help in graduating a generation of graduates who are qualified with future labor-market skills.

He confirmed that the university is working to update its academic plans and programs in line with future aspirations, national priorities and strategies, taking into account the rapid changes in technology and science. In line with these future visions, the university enhances its future role in offering academic programs that serve the projects of the 50. Among the academic programs offered by the university: Artificial Intelligence Minor that is offered by College of IT to the students who anticipate that Artificial Intelligence will have a prominent role to play in their academic and professional career. The students will learn how to improve the UAE government agencies and industry performance with these exponentially improving new technologies. The minor is designed for students from all majors other than Computer Science to supplement their primary studies.

The Provost also pointed out that the university also offers a Master of Science in Computer Engineering - Internet of Things, which is a multidisciplinary program that provides students with a unique opportunity to study the application of the latest information and communication technologies to a wide range of fields, taking into account their impact on individuals, organizations and society. It promotes innovation in a wide range of areas including embedded systems design, wireless and mobile communication, application, data analysis, and information security. This program is designed to prepare professionals who are able to provide the leadership and technical expertise needed for the governmental, private and academic sectors, and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to develop and increase excellence in the professional world.

He also confirmed that the university is offering a master's program in business data analysis. The program is distinguished from other programs by three main characteristics: An intense focus on practical applications in various fields of the business sector. Enhancing the scientific material with practical applications using the latest computer programs. Flexibility in the structure of the program that would allow the implementation of various capstone projects that address practical problems based on data of companies and institutions operating in the business sector.

Prof. Mohammad Hassan Ali, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs added that the university contributes to enhancing entrepreneurial skills by providing job opportunities for graduates. The university offers an 18-credit entrepreneurship minor that consists of two components. Firstly, students will be required to complete two General Education courses: Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: and Fourth Industrial Revolution. Secondly, 12-credit course also known as Developing an Entrepreneurial Venture. In this course, students will learn processes involved in creating an innovative business. This will achieve this through a series of “design sprints”, ending with a Demo Day.

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