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UAEU Pavilion Reveals Programming Guide for Expo 2020 Dubai

UAEU Pavilion Reveals Programming Guide for Expo 2020 Dubai

Mon, 6 June 2022
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A Comprehensive List of Events in October

The UAE University, the country s flagship institution and the only participating university in Expo 2020 with its very own pavilion, releases the institution s Programming Guide for Expo 2020 Dubai. 

The Pavilion, to officially open on 10th October 2021, is designed with the theme University of the Future , an innovative approach to higher education. The Pavilion is prepared to feature 1 primary program, 2 exhibitions and over 67 events over the course of six months at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The UAE University Pavilion takes part in Expo 2020 Dubai s view of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future by fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration through various activities for 6 months. The October Programming is the University s inaugural lineup of events and exhibitions to introduce its ambition, views, and goals in this global platform where visitors from all over the world will be present, Prof Ahmed Ali Murad, UAEU Associate Provost for Research and UAEU Pavilion in Expo 2020 Deputy Commissioner General and Official Spokesperson said.

An online Programming Guide for October, accessible at, presents the UAEU Pavilion s official list of programs. The programming consists of the Pathfinders Program 2.0, a Permanent Exhibition, a Temporary Exhibition as well as other Events.

The Pathfinders Program 2.0, as the primary program of the UAEU Pavilion, will welcome national and international participants who will go through a six-month curriculum, using Expo 2020 site as a learning environment, to solve challenges submitted by countries pavilions. The Permanent Exhibition will be set in place to offer visitors an interactive 20-minute immersive experience of the Pathfinders journey. The Temporary Exhibition will be displayed digitally and features the UAEU s Tree of Life as it creatively narrates the story behind the UAEU s vision and ambition. Together with the UAEU community and other country Pavilions, the UAEU is set to create a meaningful impact through hosting discussions, presentations and participation in events that are synchronized with Expo 2020 s thematic weeks.

October key events

  • The official opening of the Pavilion in the presence of the University s leadership, the UAEU Pavilion staff, the University Champions along with Expo 2020 personnel

Climate & Biodiversity Week

  • From the Alps to the Desert: Comparing Best Practices in Nature Conservation
  • Darker Night - Brighter Future

Space Week

  • Radio Astronomy R&D Collaboration between UAE & Australia
  • Remote Sensing & Earth Observation Showcase + Hackathon
  • Education in Space Technology: A Road to Youth Empowerment
  • Human Spaceflight & Robotic Space Exploration
  • Space Debris: How to Mitigate and Prevent it?

Other events

  • CLASSE: Combining Liberal Arts & Science for Space Exploration
  • Satellite Mission Development Workshop

Over six months, the UAE University Pavilion will showcase achievements, milestones, innovations, and inventions to the world. The programming will be announced in waves throughout 2021 and 2022. To know more about each event, please e-mail at

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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