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College of Law foresees future prospects with ‎programs that keep pace with the national ‎strategic vision for the next fifty years

College of Law foresees future prospects with ‎programs that keep pace with the national ‎strategic vision for the next fifty years

Mon, 6 June 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

Prof. Mohammed Hassan, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and Dean of the College of Law, said that the college works to enhance its educational programs and extra-curricular activities to ensure that students receive the highest levels of education. The college also foresees future prospects and keeps pace with the strategic national vision for the next fifty years. The college s innovative curricula are designed to meet the needs of the labor market and prepare graduates to complete their academic journey by studying promising graduate programs‏.‏

Academic staff

He added, the faculty of the college consists of distinguished professors who are famous locally and internationally for both their academic excellence and their knowledge contribution to the development of society and solving problems in important areas. The faculty members focus most of their attention on the students and provide them with friendly guidance. The college constantly participates in international competitions, such as the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington, USA, the Monroe E Price Media Law Moot Court Competition in Oxford in the UK, and the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. The college students compete with the students from other law schools at the international level‏.‏

Graduate Studies

In addition to the bachelor s degree program, the college offers two master s programs (Master s in Public Law and Master s in Private Law) and a doctoral program (Doctor of Philosophy in Law) and is now working on offering other specialized programs. The college conducted several activities and events during the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022 and has plans for several activities and events to be conducted during the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022, such as the twenty-eighth annual international conference ‎‎ Law and a Better World: Strengthening the Values of Coexistence to be held in March 2022‎‏.‏

He stressed that the college adopts a high-level educational system. The college programs have obtained international academic accreditation ‎‎(WASC) and national academic accreditation (CAA). Further, the college has established a legal clinic at the regional level as one of the methods of legal education and to provide free legal advice and services to the community. In addition, the college focuses on developing the skills of the students and promoting their success by supporting their participation in various annual international moot court competitions, where they would acquire a diverse international experience. At the same time, the college has improved the effectiveness of teaching and learning through the adoption of interactive teaching methods since 2014‎‏.‏

The College of Law aims to enhance the quality of academic programs through the continuous development and evaluation of learning outcomes. It has prepared a comprehensive document of the educational outcomes for each academic program. It also ensures the periodic measurement of the outcomes at the level of programs and courses. In addition, the college has adopted initiatives to promote research, resulting in an increase in the percentage of scientific publications. It has also developed plans for offering specialized master s programs, and its revision of the standards for authoring textbooks has further encouraged faculty members to author this type of works‏.‏

Partnerships to enhance international reputation

The college seeks to achieve a safe society and a just judiciary through community partnerships. It has signed several memoranda of understanding with partners and formed a committee for partnerships and alumni relations to follow up on their implementation. The college also works to enhance the international reputation, as one of the programs of the centennial national agenda, by increasing interaction with international higher education institutions, holding annual international conferences, and participating in international competitions.

Following the decision of the Association of Arab Universities, the headquarter of the Society of Arab Law Colleges was transferred to the United Arab Emirates University‏.‏

Future aspirations

The College of Law aims to become a leading college in the region and achieve leadership at the local and regional levels in academic research by addressing contemporary and urgent issues related to the needs of the legal professions and the labor market. This is to provide an innovative education that keeps pace with the best practices in legal education and contributes to high-quality community services. The college will strive to achieve the mentioned goals through the development, accreditation, and implementation of programs and projects in line with the UAEU mission‏.‏

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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