UAEU students actively participate in‏ ٌ‎ ‎Robotic Competition” Line Following” in ‎Google Innovation Hub at SIP

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The UAEU Science and Innovation Park Google Innovation Hub has organized a "Line Following"  competition for UAEU students from various colleges, which lasted for two weeks, under the supervision of an academic committee and a jury.

Prof. Ahmed Murad, Associate Provost for Research, said that such events enhance the capacity-building and skills and develop innovative and creative talents among students during their university life. It also contributes to discover talents that the university makes efforts to develop so that the students can acquire experiences required to start a working life with qualitative academic experiences after graduation. The university administration anticipates future prospects, within the national strategic plans, in the next fifty-year era, in which plans and programs will be able to meet and keep pace with the requirements of the times, develop teaching and learning methods, and improve the outputs of research. He added at the same time that robots and their design are among necessary future skills that engineering and information technology students must acquire and that help find technological solutions to life challenges and contribute to improving the quality of life.

He added, seven different teams participated to pass the competition three stages. In the first stage, the teams program the robot in the form of a car to follow the zigzag line to reach the first or second end line in a certain time. In the second stage, the robot passes from start to finish end without collision. Finally, in the third stage, the team programs the robot using a mobile phone or iPad by following the line.

The competition also included a presentation of the best robot design, which was won by the ASIL team, while Eagle team won the main robot competition, which is "Line Following ", won the first place. The 3XM team won second place, while the UAE Falcon team won third place.

This competition requires understanding the different concepts of robotics from the programming process, design and system control.

The jury included Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad – Associate Provost for Research, and Dr. Fekri Kharbash, Vice Dean of the College of Information Technology, UAEU.

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