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Following the conclusion of the annual conference of the ‎College of Law

Following the conclusion of the annual conference of the ‎College of Law

Mon, 6 June 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

The participants praise the role of the UAE in creating a legal environment that enhances values of coexistence and tolerance nationally and globally

Yesterday evening, the 28th Law Conference, organized by the College of Law at the UAE University, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Law for a better world to enhance values of coexistence were concluded. The participants praised the vital role played by the United Arab Emirates in creating a legal Social, cultural, and economic environment that enhances values of coexistence and tolerance between individuals and societies, at both national or international levels. It also stressed the importance of the legislative framework in protecting values of coexistence and tolerance in a manner that ensures effective adoption of these values.

Dr. Jenan Al Bastaki - Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Chairperson of the Conference Organizing Committee - confirmed that the conference has succeeded in raising contemporary issues in human rights, tolerance and inclusion in the knowledge society, through 4 main sessions over two days, in which a group of international law experts participated. The Participants commended the importance of the conference in light of the current challenges.

She added: The participants recommended that it is necessary that the legal religious opinion to be restricted to the qualified scholars to prevent deviation from the purposes of Sharia and its noble values in preserving lives, funds and honors. In addition, it is important to direct qualified scholars to response to the suspicions and abnormal opinions and thoughts held by extremist groups. The participants also stressed the responsibility of influential authorities and personalities and the media of all kinds to spread the correct awareness of peaceful coexistence, and encourage community entities to highlight and promote the concepts of tolerance, peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

The participants explained that spreading an atmosphere of scientific and intellectual tolerance, and acceptance of the other is the effective weapon in eliminating the phenomenon of extremism, fanaticism, and violence that has threatened the entire world. Humanity must transfer from difference, which requires violence and exclusion, to tolerance that promotes acquaintance and recognition. The conference also urged universities and other educational institutions to develop graduate programs for values of coexistence and tolerance.

The participants also recommended the need to work on the proactive integration of tolerance in the design of modern technology, such as artificial intelligence applications, in the contemporary knowledge society, which is characterized by digitalization and at a time when the role of machines is increasingly emerging to perform tasks that require simulation of the functions of the human brain.

Finally, the participants emphasized the importance of the role of law in regulating artificial intelligence applications in order to ensure neutrality and balance between the interests of individuals and economic institutions within the scope of the knowledge economy. They also promoted values of coexistence and tolerance that are universal human values that must be activated within the framework of protecting refugees and other groups at risk in all circumstances and conditions and in all places without discrimination.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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