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UAE University & Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority joint cooperation

UAE University & Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority joint cooperation

Fri, 11 November 2022
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The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority  (ADAFSA) discussed ways of joint cooperation to enhance the scientific research and common projects, to meet the requirements of development in the field of agriculture and food security and to enhance the capabilities  and skills of students.

A joint meeting conducted between two entities  in the presence of Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad - Associate Provost for Research at the university - and Dr. Mohammed Salman Yousef Al Hammadi - Director of the Technical Services Department at the ADAFSA - and a number of experts, researchers and faculty members from ADAFSA and College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at the university.

Prof. Ahmed Murad said that this meeting aims to enhance cooperation in the fields of agriculture and veterinary medicine, in a manner that enhances the training and qualification of students to engage in the job market, in addition to supporting research projects between the two parties, which provides the competent authorities with research outcomes that contribute to the development of agriculture and food safety as UAEU considers the agriculture sustainability and food security are among its priorities as part of University Research Strategic Plan. In addition, university is working to build national and international partnership to support its vision as center of knowledge, research and development and the expertise

The two parties also discussed the opportunities for cooperation in the field of establishing a veterinary hospital, with the aim of attracting graduates to meet the job market of this academic discipline, which has become a priority  due to its direct relationship to human and animal health.  It also aims at building art-of-state infrastructure to achieve the academic quality and research outputs in addition to examine the possibility of developing scientific laboratories in Falaj Hazaa and benefiting from the UAE University technical staff and advanced capabilities.

The Director of the Technical Services Department at the ADAFSA stressed the importance of cooperation with the UAE University, the national flagship university in the fields of scientific research, and academic competencies and expertise. He added at the same time that this cooperation comes from our wise government’s directions for integration and cooperation of the efforts of all national institutions to achieve national plans, programs and strategic goals. Both parties have ambitious plans and programs that contribute to serving the country and society in the areas of agriculture and food safety.


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