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UAE University launches "Environmental Research Greenhouse" in cooperation with the National Center of Meteorology

UAE University launches "Environmental Research Greenhouse" in cooperation with the National Center of Meteorology

Tue, 22 November 2022
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

In cooperation with the National Center of Meteorology, the College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University launched the "Environmental Research Greenhouse", in the presence of H. E. Dr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Mandous - Director General of the National Center of Meteorology, WMO Regional Association II (Asia), and Prof. Ghaleb Al Breiki - Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Maamar Benkraouda - Dean of the College of Sciences, Prof. Khaled Amiri - Chair of the Department of Biology, and a number of researchers, faculty members, and students.

Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous expressed his happiness and the center's readiness to provide technical support and to harness all the capabilities to provide appropriate conditions for the success of the development of an Environmental Research Greenhouse in terms of providing technology related to controlling the surrounding environment, techniques and measurement devices and everything that would enable the success of plant growth in a greenhouse. He stressed that the center will continue its efforts in employing all modern technologies and innovations to ensure the provision of the best and most accurate information and services that are in the interest of serving the scientific and educational process.

Prof. Khaled Amiri, Chair of the Biology Department explained, "The environmental research greenhouse provides suitable conditions for plant growth and propagation, and it also provides an opportunity to conduct environmental experiments on different plants under different conditions of temperature and humidity to measure their tolerance to environmental factors." He pointed out that agricultural research in the Environmental Research Greenhouse, in which new and advanced production technologies are appropriately applied in order to improve efficiency, make a breakthrough in productivity, and the quality of agricultural products, enhances scientific research to achieve food security and ensure sustainable agricultural development.

Dr. Mohammed Taher Musa, from the Department of Biology, said "greenhouses provide an ideal environment for conducting environmental research on plants, and studying the impact of various environmental factors. A research team from the Department of Biology at the university is currently conducting the latest research related to studying the effect of salinity on plants."


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