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UAE University team wins first place around UAE in Arab IoT & AI Challenge University Track

UAE University team wins first place around UAE in Arab IoT & AI Challenge University Track

Wed, 15 February 2023
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

For their Project: Developing a secure password using EEG based Brain Print

A team of graduated students from the College of Information Technology at the United Arab Emirates University won the first place around UAE in the Arab Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Challenge for their project: Developing a secure password using EEG based Brain Print. This invention helps people of determination use this technology easily to unlock their mobile phones, protect their privacy and communicate with the community through the brain print.

The team included Mazna Saleh Al Hemeiri, majoring in computer engineering, Zuwaina Khalifa Al Khyeli, majoring in computer science, Ayesha Sulaiman Al Shehhi, majoring in information security, Salma Haji Al Dhanhani, majoring in computer engineering, and Khalil Ibrahim Al Blooshi, majoring in information security, under the supervision of Dr. Abdelkader Nasreddine Belkacem Associate Professor at Computer and Network Engineering Department, College of Information Technology.

The team members said that they represented the UAE University in the Arab Internet of Things Challenge, by searching for a new project idea using artificial intelligence applications. The team developed this application that targets the category of people of determination for creating secure passwords in the mobile phones. The study and implementation of the project took two full semesters.

The idea of the project, in general, is summarized by using a Unicorn cap equipped with a number of electronic applications, which can read and analyze numbers through brain waves. The user can look at the numbers needed from 0 to 9, where the device has been programmed and given certain commands that through it the phone password will be unlocked also allow them to make the needed calls, without the need to use physical organs, especially the hands. The application is also used for emergency numbers, which can quickly dial them by just looking at the numbers without using hands, and thus the application can provide advanced technical services for people of determination.

They also published a conference paper at Las Vegas, NV, USA, IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) entitled: “Secure Password Using EEG-based BrainPrint System: Unlock Smartphone Password Using Brain-Computer Interface Technology”.


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