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UAE University cooperates with University of Malaya in 11 various Research Projects

UAE University cooperates with University of Malaya in 11 various Research Projects

Wed, 4 January 2023
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Top Universities in Middle East

The United Arab Emirates University builds bridges of positive and constructive cooperation to enhance the international reputation of the university. The UAE University has recently made several partnerships with educational institutions in Malaysia, especially with the University of Malaya, in areas of national priority.

Prof. Ahmed Murad - Associate Provost for Research - said that this cooperation reinforces the quality of scientific research through distinguished contributions. He also added that the UAE University exerts efforts to support joint research projects between the two universities, and there are 11 research projects between the two universities in several fields, including 3 research projects in the field of food and agriculture, for example: a research entitled "Postharvest technologies to improve the nutritional quality and  Storage life of fig fruit (Ficus carica L.) produced under greenhouse and open field condition in UAE”, and another research entitled “Characterization, Antioxidant, Anticancer and Immunomodulatory Activities of Exopolysaccharides (EPS) Produced by New Probiotic Bacteria and Its Rheological Impact in Camel Milk Products (Fermented Milk and Cheese)”. In addition to 5 research projects in the field of water and energy, examples of which are research entitled "A Generalized Soft Computing Model for Groundwater Levels and Quality in Arid and Tropical Zones" and another research entitled " Development of a Saltwater Based Powered Generator System". In addition to 3 research projects in the field of information technology and engineering, entitled " Intelligent Clustered Body Language Analysis of Healthcare Patients ", and entitled " Two-Handed Static and Dynamic Arabic Sign Language Translation System Integration Using Spatiotemporal and Machine Translation Models ", and entitled " Investigation of Monostatic Radar Cross Section (RCS) for Military Communication System using a Composite Meta surface integrated with Antenna ".

He also said that we have accomplished 4 research projects entitled " Cognitive Mirroring by Continual Lifelong Learning: Robot-Avatar Therapy to Access Autism Spectrum Disorder " in the field of information technology, and three research projects entitled " Mitigation of deposition on heat exchanger surfaces by nanoparticle additives and conductive polymeric coatings”, and entitled “Development and Testing of Novel Nonlinear Stochastic Wave Excitation Force Estimators – Simulation and Experimental Study” and entitled “Hierarchical Control Strategy for Coordinating the Operation of Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter Farm Equipped with Hybrid Energy Storage System: A Simulation and Experimental Studies " in the field of water and energy.

He also added that during the period between 2017 and 2022, faculty members and researchers at the United Arab Emirates University published 105 research papers in cooperation with researchers from the University of Malaya, mainly in computer sciences, environmental sciences, medicine and engineering. Moreover, 5 new projects have been recently funded in cooperation with the University of Malaya in the fields of water, energy and mobility research, which will start in February 2023.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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