The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching Professor Ali Shehadeh

Dr. Ali Shehadeh (Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL in the Department of Curriculums and Methods of Instruction, College of Education; and Coordinator of the Teaching Scholarship and Assessment Unit at Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, UAEU) is member of an international team of 14 editors of the largest encyclopedia project in the world on English Language Teaching. It is the Wiley Blackwell 8-volume print (14-volume online) encyclopedia mega-project titled The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching. Dr. Shehadeh is the editor of the volume titled Approaches and Methods in English for Speakers of Other Languages (Volume II).

The encyclopedia will be the most authoritative and comprehensive reference ever on English Language Teaching in the world. This 5-year project has just been completed and the encyclopedia has just been published (January 2018). Over 1,000 researchers, scholars and experts in the field of English Language Teaching worldwide have contributed to the encyclopedia. Among these, there are 15 scholars and researchers from the UAE in Dr. Shehadeh’s volume alone, 7 of these scholars and researchers come from the UAE University. The encyclopedia website can be accessed using the following links:



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