Bio-artificial Liver Device

Invention Bio-artificial Liver Device

Dr. Ali Addalla Saif Hilal Alnaqbi, Dr. AbdulHamid Murad

Patent No./Application No.:

US/ 13/863,123


HK1192498 B

Invention Description

Liver is a site for proteins and amino acids production. Once the liver fails, its function is very difficult to replicate. Up to date, there is no approved therapy but human liver transplant - bio artificial liver devices and incubating liver cells are only a short-term solution to bridge the time for the patients to the ultimate liver transplant.All commercially available devices are two compartments designs which have problems with liver cells viability and functionality due to insufficient oxygen availability.

Distinctive Elements

A novel multi-coaxial hollow fiber bioreactor called “Fiber-in-Fiber (FIF) bio artificial liver device” has been developed and tested in vitro. It includes the addition of a second set of hollow fibers places within the lumens of the primary set. This arrangement provides three discrete compartments, in order to create integral oxygenation in the outermost compartment to satisfy the oxygen needs by the cultured hepatocytes- the cells of the liver.The apparatus allows the cells within the device to stay viable and functioning for a longer period-of-time compared to current standards.

Potential Applications 
  • Medical treatments (liver and kidney)

  •  Device to cultivate cells

  • Device for protein production

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