Carbon Nanotubes from Microalgae

Invention Carbon Nanotubes from Microalgae

Dr. Yousef Haik

Patent No./Application No.:

US/ 8,057,776

Invention Description

Carbon Nanotubes’ high production cost prevents their broader utilization in a number of industrial applications, despite their interesting properties.

The invention is a process for the production of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) which could provide a more efficient alternative to conventional processes such as chemical vapor deposition, laser ablation and arc discharge.

This production process utilizes algae membrane as a source of carbon black for MWCNT production and is able to produce large quantities of purified carbon nanotubes.
The is process is in three steps: in the first step the algal membrane is converted to carbon black through a pyrolysis process in inert atmosphere; in the second step, the resulted carbon black is converted to carbon nanotubes by mixing it with a fluid in a controlled combustion condition; the third and final step is a novel purification technique using an ionic liquid.

Distinctive Elements
  • Potential to reduce the production cost by more than 90 %

  • Potential to reduce the production process time by more than 90%

  • Reduction of the overall consumption of raw materials and no need for a source of pure carbon

Potential Applications 
  • Alternative source of MWCNT production/ manufacturing

  • Carbon nanotubes are used in multiple manufacturing industries, including: Electronics, Sporting goods, Protective garments, Aerospace structures, etc.

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