Natural Antibiotics from Date Pits

Invention Natural Antibiotics from Date Pits

Dr. Ahmed Hussein,  Dr. Ibrahim Belal,  Salem Rashed Dr. Khalid el Tarabily

Patent No./Application No.:

US/ 13/284,173
EP 2586318
France EP12190250.6
Germany 602012001 431.8
Spain 300131629 
Turkey EP12190250.6 
GB EP12190250.6 
HK 1184642 B

Invention Description

Global demand for organic meat such as chicken and beef has been steadily increasing. However, since livestock and poultry can be infected with bacteria such as, e.g., E. coli , antibiotics are usually added to animal feed to prevent illness. Unfortunately, the antibiotics that are currently in use, while effective in combating food borne diseases, are non-organic.

Researchers at the United Arab Emirates University discovered a method for creating a safer, natural antibiotic derived from palm tree dates, which promotes growth while simultaneously fighting against food-borne bacteria.

The method involves extracting a special type of sugar found in date pits, which when fermented, can be transformed into a powerful, natural antibiotic.

This innovation can keep livestock and poultry safe while eliminating the need for treating them with non-organic antibiotics.

Distinctive Elements
  • Organic antibiotic
  • Promotes growth, in addition to fighting bacteria
Potential Applications 
  • Antibiotics for use in poultry and other livestock

  • Potential future use in humans
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