Hyperthermia Therapeutic Agent Delivery

Invention Hyperthermia Therapeutic Agent Delivery

Dr. Yousef Haik

Patent No./Application No.:

US/ 13/722,850

Invention Description

The side effects of conventional cancer treatments (chemotherapy), such as hair loss and nausea, are a big disadvantage to these methods. The completion of cancer treatment could be increased due to a high level of comfort if the effective agent could be deployed more specifically within the cancer cells.

The system employs a smart carrier that upon injection into the patients’ body will seek and home at the tumor site. A multifunctional particle has been developed to release a chemotherapeutic agent dose at the tumor site upon exposure to an electromagnetic field which significantly reduces the overall treatment dose.In addition of being a hyperthermia agent, the multifunctional particle can be remotely detected to help the treating physician in monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment noninvasively.

Distinctive Elements

Unlike the conventional methods, this treatment enables:

  • Localized deposition of chemotherapeutic agents directly into cancer tumor.

  • Controlled release of the chemotherapeutic agents in intended areas only.

  • Reduction of the described side effects.

  • Noninvasive monitoring of the effectiveness of the treatment with chemotherapeutic agents.

Potential Applications 
  • Medical applications (i.e. Cancer treatment)

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