Red Weevil Remote Sensing and Control (Bio-mechanical)

Invention Red Weevil Remote Sensing and Control (Bio-mechanical)

Dr. Yousef Haik

Patent No./Application No.:

US 13/684,513

Invention Description

Date palms are an important tree in the UAE. Insects like the red palm weevil (RPW) attack date palms and feed on the soft fiber in plant tissues and cause damage to the tree. Currently, control of this pest is entirely dependent on pesticides.This invention is a mixture of nanoparticles and a detection system that traps red palm weevils.

Magnetic nanoparticles which the weevil larva digest have been mixed with a feed trap and also detect the presence of red palm weevils. Anti-microbial nanoparticles are embedded into the feed trap so that when they are digested by the weevil larva they will eradicate the bacteria in the larva and cause its death.

Distinctive Elements


  • Able to detect, retain and eradicate red palm weevils

  • The system is safer than current chemical pesticides

Potential Applications 
  • Agricultural applications

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