Alternative Renewable Energy Harvesting

Invention Alternative Renewable Energy Harvesting

Dr. Mahmoud Al Ahmad, Dr. Irfan Saadat

Patent No./Application No.:

US/ 13/913,709


Invention Description

There has been increased demand to harvest energy from non-traditional alternative energy sources for self-powered sensors chipsets which are located in remote locations and that can operate at extremely low power levels.

The invention is an energy harvesting loop system in which the output of the harvester is fed back to an oscillator. The output of this oscillator is fed as a positive feedback, into the piezoelectric generator to provide a cyclic load for oscillation. The recycling of the harvesting power will keep the system under sustained operation (battery free). The system enables self-contained, autonomous self-powered devices/ sensors/circuits and systems that harvest energy from the environment to power themselves.

Distinctive Elements
  • Self-sustainable energy harvesting: continuous power delivery

  • No battery is required for such application, the primary storage is needed for one time use

  • Increased system efficiency compared with other systems due to a feedback loop that keeps the system stable.

Potential Applications 
  • Remote/ isolated area applications

  • Telecommunication systems

  • Transportation systems

  • Biomedical applications

  • Mobile applications

  • Environmental and industrial sensors applications

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