Semiconducting Polymers


Invention Semiconducting Polymers

Dr. Yousef Haik, Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Ayesh, Mohsin Mahmoud Allawy

Patent No./Application No.:

US 13/399,460
Japan 2013-554636
China 2012800093791

Invention Description

Silicon based semiconductors are limited by two factors: flexibility and cost. Therefore the necessity to produce conductive and semi-conductive polymers has arisen. This invention converts non-conductive polymers into conductive polymers by doping the polymers with ionic liquids (bulk). In addition, the ionic liquids contribute to the mechanical and thermal properties of the polymeric blends. Of particular interest is the modulation of electrical conductivity through control of the dopant concentration.

Distinctive Elements

The applications of doping non-conductive polymers with ionic liquid are:

  • The ability to modulate electrical conductivity

  • The modulation of mechanical and thermal properties by controlling the concentration of ionic liquid.

Potential Applications 
  • Semiconductors

  • Electronics

  • Advanced materials

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