Hydrogen Gas Sensors

Invention Hydrogen Gas Sensors

Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Ayesh

Patent No./Application No.:

US 61/833,083

Invention Description

Conventional methods for detecting hydrogen gas concentration in industrial applications are expensive, have a low sensitivity, are hard to calibrate, work at high temperatures and are not very efficient.

This invention is a cost effective, sensitive and efficient sensor which enables the detection of hydrogen gas and determines its concentration. The sensor consists of a substrate, a discontinuous film of nanoclusters and electrical electrodes which generate a linear electrical current response signal that is related to the concentration of hydrogen.

Distinctive Elements

Unlike the other sensors, this sensor:

  •  Exhibits a linear response signal

  • Operates efficiently at room temperature

  • Exhibits an enhanced response time of 18.6 ± 2.9s

  • Provides a response signal when exposed to a fixed concentration of hydrogen that is easily reproduced

  • Detects low concentrations of hydrogen – as low as 0.5

Potential Applications 

Detecting hydrogen leakage in:

  •  Fuel cells

  • Metal heat treatments

  •  Oil refineries

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