Prof. Salah Nasri

Dr. Salah Nasri is a theoretical physicist who is primarily interested in the interplay between particle physics and cosmology. Since joining UAEU in 2007,  he established his own line of research in particle physics and astrophysics.  He developed  particle physics models to help understand the origin and the nature of two of the most mysterious forms of matter: neutrinos and dark matter, that are essential to  the formation of  galaxies,  stars,  and  the  evolution of the universe in general.

Dr. Nasri’s effort in understanding the nature of neutrinos and dark matter has led to the several outstanding publications in world-class journals. In 2015, two of his papers published in the journal Physics Letters B were selected by Elsevier as Top Research Papers, and were featured on the webpage of   the International Center for Theoretical Physics, in Italy. In addition, one of his book chapters, published in the book "Open questions in cosmology", has achieved impressive readership.  The results of his  latest paper, published this year   in  the journal of Physical Review D,  were featured on the official website of this prestigious  journal.

He has been awarded the UAEU award for publishing in top journals in the years 2014, 2015, and 2016, the "College of Science Excellence Award in Scholarship” in 2016, and just recently (October 2017) he received the ICTP Associate Award (2017) from the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Italy.  The latter  award is highly competitive and given only to scholars who made  significant achievement in the field of particle physics and cosmology.

Beside his excellent research record, Dr. Nasri  is highly dedicated to writing professional lecture notes, available on his webpage at UAEU,  on topics related to physics, astrophysics and mathematics  with the aim  to  enhance student learning at both undergraduate and  graduate  levels. One of these lecture notes, entitled "Sky Falling: Asteroids and Meteorites",  had been accessed by  very high number of visitors from different universities over the world. Recently,   was  posted on the online learning platform "Course Hero" to make it more  easier  for students  to access it.

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