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United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Department of Physical Education


The Department of Physical Education at UAEU is committed to preparing students as successful teachers of health and physical education for all grades.

Through their training in this program, students will make a valuable contribution to their society by serving as role models and lifestyle educators. Students will develop many competencies in a variety of movement skills, and in physical fitness as well as being capable of analyzing, synthesizing, and applying scientific knowledge to the practice of health and physical education.

The PE Department at United Arab Emirates University can achieve this by enhancing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of undergraduate HPE students.

Vision & Mission


The Physical Education Department at the UAEU seeks an active leadership role in the development of health and physical activity at all levels in the U.A.E through the application of health and physical education theories and practices. In cooperation with the other University colleges, the Department aims at improving the overall health in society.


The Physical Education Department seeks to contribute to the ongoing development of education in the field of health and physical education at all levels in the U.A.E. through effective partnership and collaboration with the Ministry of education, Abu Dhabi Education Council, clubs, sports associations, the armed forces, and other State institutions. The Department works to achieve its mission through the preparation of specialists in health and physical education, conducting scientific research, participating in scientific activities and community services.

Academic Programs



Physical Fitness and Health Laboratory (PFHL):
PFHL is a student-centered lab. It is designed to help students explore, discover, and collect data related to students' projects. It enables students to evaluate each other’s health-related components of physical fitness. To enable students to complete their projects, PFHL is equipped with tools related to exercise testing, metabolic measurement, cardiovascular measurement, strength and endurance testing, flexibility measurement, and biomechanical analysis of body tissue and fluids.


Note: If calling from outside the UAEU organization, dial (+971 3 713) before the extension.

Name Position Email Ext.

Dr. Georgios Nassis 

Associate Professor, Chair of Department


Dr. Arto Juhani Grasten

Associate Professor 


Dr. Pedro De Figueiredo

Associate Professor 


Dr. Lara Carneiro

Assistant Professor 


Dr. Jamal Alnuaimi

Assistant Professor


Dr. Gehan Handouk



Mr. Balazs Gabor

Assistant Professor


General Enquiries

Thank you for your interest in the Physical Education Department. We welcome your query and encourage you to contact us using the information below:

United Arab Emirates University,
College of Education
P.O.Box: 15551, Al Ain,
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: + 971 3 713 6216

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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