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Department of Private Law


The Department of Private Law aims to be an active partner in the efforts to improve the quality of legal education and develop the student's ability to think analytically by developing his research capabilities and encouraging him to develop innovative solutions for contemporary issues. The Department of Private Law offers 31 courses in the bachelor program relating to the financial transactions, commercial companies, contract theory, and the alternative disputes resolutions. Furthermore, the Department of Private Law offers Master program in Private Law according to which the LLM student has to study 31 credits hours for the LLM courses and dissertation. The Department has 18 full-time faculty members specializing in various branches of Private Law, and they play a major role in enhancing the legal awareness of the local community and contribute effectively to the overall activities of the College such as conferences and workshops. The Department hopes to offer a PhD program in Private Law, in conjunction with the Public Law Department in the near future. 


To prepare outstanding legal cadre with a strong knowledge foundation converging theoretical and practical aspects of legislations. Also, the graduate will have legal skills that enables him/her to succeed in the legal profession and to serve the whole Emirati community. 

Academic Programs




Journal Name Faculty Name Title
Michigan State International Law Review Mohammad Nsour Safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights In Outer Space : A New Comer’s Perspective
 Academy of Strategic Management Journal, USA Dr. Zaheeruddin Mohammed  International Arbitration- The Law Applicable to Arbitration Agreement.
Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences Dr. Zaheeruddin Mohammed Seller’s obligation to Deliver Goods which are free from Encumbrances.
Law, Innovation and Technology (LIT) Dr. Saleh Al-Sharieh The Intellectual Property Road to the Knowledge Economy: Remarks on the Readiness of the UAE Copyright Act to Drive Artificial Intelligence Innovation
Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice Dr. Saleh Al-Sharieh The Regulatory Approach to Copyright Contracts Revisited: A Perspective from the UAE
Journal Name Faculty Name Title
Artificial Intelligence and Law, Springer  Emad Dahiyat  Law and software agents: Are they “Agents” by the way?
 Colorado Technology Law Journal  Emad Dahiyat  Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Do We Need a Thoughtful Reconsideration?
European Food and Feed Law Review Mohammad Nsour Legal Tools to Achieve Food Security through Public Private Partnerships: The Jordanian Case
European Food and Feed Law Review Mohammad Nsour Internal Trade Law And Food Exports During Covid-19 Pandemic: Case Of Jordan
 Andhra Law Times, 15 September 2020 Dr. Zaheeruddin Mohammed Security for Costs as an Interim or Provisional Measure in International Arbitration.
 Balkans Journal of Emerging Trends in Social Sciences –Balkans JETSS- Vol. 3-No. 2-2020 Sofia, Bulgaria. Dr. Zaheeruddin Mohammed  COVID-19 Pandemic- An impediment in performance of contract.
Colorado Technology Law Journal Dr. Saleh Al-Sharieh Rethinking the Hierarchies of Rights in International Copyright Law
Journal Name Faculty Name Title
Arab Law Quarterly  Emad Dahiyat  Online Shopping and Consumer Rights in the UAE: Do We Need a Specific Law?
International Journal of Economics and Business Research, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd,  Mohammad Nsour Law to Counter Tobacco Companies in the Arab Region: A Look at Jordan and the United Arab Emirates
International Journal of Economics and Business Research Mutasim  ALQUDAH  Law to Counter Tobacco Companies in the Arab Region: A Look at Jordan and the United Arab Emirates
Journal Name Faculty Name Title
Arab Law Quarterly  Mohammad Nsour Economic Cooperation Between the United Arab Emirates and Turkey: Legal and Policy Considerations
Information & Communications Technology Law Mutasim  ALQUDAH  ‘Consumer Protection in Mobile Payment in the UAE: The Current State of Play, Challenges and the Way Ahead
European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance Dr. Saleh Al-Sharieh From the Persuasion of Theory to the Certainty of Law: A Multi-Jurisdictional Analysis of the Law of Community Policing in Europe
Notre Dame Journal of International & Comparative Law Dr. Saleh Al-Sharieh The Blessing of Talent and the Curse of Poverty: Reinforcing Copyright Law’s Implementation of Authors’ Material Interests in International Human Rights Law

General Enquiries

Thank you for your interest in the Private Law Department. We welcome your query and encourage you to contact us using the information below:

United Arab Emirates University,
College of Law,
P.O.Box: 15551, Al Ain, UAE

Phone: + 971 3 713 5382
Fax: +971  3 713 4964 
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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