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Institute of Public Health


The Public Health Institute (IPH) is a department of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS). The IPH contributes to all six years of the undergraduate MD program and offers two graduate programs. They are the MPH and Ph.D Programs in Public and Occupational Health. The IPH faculty teach on other postgraduate courses including the Master’s of Medical Sciences, Ph.D programs in Biomedical Sciences and the professional Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Faculty and staff in the IPH have expertise in research methodology, epidemiology, biostatistics, public health and occupational and environmental health. There is a varied research program including systematic reviews, and prospective cohort and intervention studies in chronic diseases, infectious diseases, maternal and child health, injury and ageing. The IPH collaborates with a range of stakeholders including other universities at home and abroad, the health authorities, local and national government departments, hospitals, clinics and industry. The IPH is also home to the Zayed Center for Health Sciences and is a World Health Organization Centre for Occupational Health.

Clinical & Community Services

The IPH faculty and staff work with a range of stakeholders to develop policies and programs. These include the Abu Dhabi Health Authority Abu Dhabi (in relation to the cancer registry, tuberculosis policy and the prevention of childhood injury), and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (regarding polio and vaccine policies). The IPH also contributes to public health lectures, workshops and awareness campaigns.


The IPH uses a wide range of teaching and learning methods over the six years of the various undergraduate and MD programs.

We offer the following courses:

  • Pre-Medical Program: Professional Practice and Communication, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Health Promotion Projects and Lifestyle Projects.
  • Pre-Clinical Program: Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Infection, Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Disease, Gastrointestinal Disease, Endocrine Disorders, Musculoskeletal Disorders and Neurological and Mental Health Disorders.
  • Clinical Program: Public Health, Needs Assessment, Health Systems, Cardiovascular Disease, Nutritional Epidemiology, Injury, Occupational Health, Cancer, Health Behavior, Infectious Disease Control, Health Promotion, Epidemiological Research Methods, Biostatistics, Research Protocol Writing and Critical Appraisal.
  • The Master’s of Public Health (MPH) program is a three-year professional, part-time program. It was founded in 2010 and has 32 students currently enrolled as well as 110 alumnae. Students select from 15 courses covering Public Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Health Promotion, Management, Health Protection, Clinical Epidemiology, Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Maternal and Child Health, and Global Health. Students on these courses are required to submit three written assignments.
  • The Ph.D in Public Health and Occupational Health was also started in 2010. In 2017 there were 12 students and two current alumnae. Research topics include the effects of health supplements, pesticide exposure, chemical exposure in the workplace, cardiovascular epidemiology, childhood obesity and gestational diabetes.


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