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Department of Physiology


The Department of Physiology contributes to teaching in the first two years (Premedical Sciences Course) and the third and fourth years of the medical curriculum (Preclinical Sciences Course). The Department also contributes to the Bachelor of Medical Science and makes substantial contributions to the post-graduate Masters and PhD programs in Biomedical Sciences. The research interests of the Department include diabetes and the cardiovascular system, calcium signalling in excitable cells, neuroscience, gastrointestinal and uterine electrophysiology, cancer and air pollution.


  • Premedical: During the premedical sciences course the Department of Physiology teaches the basic principles of human physiology beginning with a general introduction to human physiology and continuing with introductions to the physiology of the cardiovascular, respiratory systems, gastrointestinal, renal, endocrine and nervous system and integrative physiology.
  • Preclinical: During the preclinical sciences course the Department of Physiology contributes classes in haematology and mechanisms of malignancy, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and urogenital, gastrointestinal, endocrine and metabolism, musculoskeletal and neurosciences and special senses modules.
  • Bachelor of Medical Sciences: The premedical sciences course forms the basis for the first two years of the program and this is followed by a selection of biomedical courses. The Department of Physiology’s contribution includes advanced haematology, cardiovascular, respiration, renal, endocrine, exercise and environmental physiology.
  • Teaching modalities include lectures, problem based learning, computer based learning, team based learning and practical classes.

The Department of Physiology also contributes a range of courses to the post-graduate Masters and PhD program including a variety of advanced physiology courses and some more specialized courses in various fields including cancer biology and advanced electrophysiology.



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Note: If calling from outside the UAEU organization, dial (+971 3 713) before the extension.

Name Position Email Extension
Prof. Milos Ljubisavljevic Professor and Chair 7707
Prof. Abderrahim Nemmar Professor 7533
Prof. Anatoliy Shmygol Professor 7535
Prof. Frank C. Howarth Professor 7536
Prof. Mauro Pessia Professor 7352
Dr. Sandeep B. Subramanya Associate Professor 7534
Dr. Abdulla S. Kazim Assistant Professor 7523


Note: If calling from outside the UAEU organization, dial (+971 3 713) before the extension.

Name Position Email Extension
Dr.Balaji Venkataraman Medical Research Specialist I 7609
Ms Fatima Al Dhaheri Medical Research Specialist 7667
Mr. Gilles Marcel Paul Marie Medical Research Specialist I 7407
Ms. Sumaya B. Anakkaru Medical Research Specialist I 7610

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