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United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About the Center

The CMHS Simulation Center covers approximately 1700 square meters within the College of Medicine and Health Science (CMHS). The center is fully equipped with hospital-grade equipment and provides an authentic environment for healthcare professionals to practice in. This accredited facility was built with the sole purpose to improve patient safety and provide better patient outcomes for the community.

To become a regional centre of excellence in innovative skills training and inter-professional medical simulation transforming the quality of healthcare delivery in the UAE.
The Simulation and Clinical Skills Training Centre aims to improve patients’ safety and outcomes through strategic integration of simulation based technologies, effective leadership, inter-professional teamwork, innovative clinical skills training and research that maximize skills transfer and promote lifelong learning.
  • Graduate skillful, resilient & socially accountable health professionals.
  • Use effective simulation-based technologies, innovative methods and translational research to deliver teachings and trainings in the center.
  • Implement effective leadership strategies to maintain best practice standards and encourage inter-professional teamwork.
  • Build sustainable academic and professional partnerships that link simulation to real practice.

Simulated Patients Program

Our Simulated Patient (SP) program is an integral part of the center and supports clinical skills teaching at various levels within our curriculum. The program involves the utilization of volunteers to role-play medical cases thus enabling students to learn the skills of medical communication, history taking and physical examination in a real-world experience.

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Life Support Training

Basic Surgical Skills


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