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Welcome to the Emirates Center for happiness research website.Through our website we are not only disseminating information about our center’s goals, vision and mission but also trying to provide a platform for more youth activation to carry our campaign of promoting happiness and wellbeing forward.

Since the start, Emirates Center for happiness research has served as a great medium for researching and promoting happiness and positivity.

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The UAE Happiness Index is one of the key national performance indictors in UAE Vision 2021 for a cohesive society and a preserved identity. To contribute to the government’s efforts towards realizing UAE Vision 2021, the United Arab Emirates University has established the Emirates Center for Happiness Research (ECHR)...

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09 June 2019
Ms. Noof Al Jenebi

Director Emirates Center for Happiness Research

12 Nov 2019
Ms. Rahemeen Yusuf

Research Assistant, ECHR

09 Oct 2019
Dr. Zainab Alyasi

Instructor, University Foundation Program

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