National Water Center


Vision, Mission & Objectives

The work field of the United Arab Emirates University’s National Water Center covers all relevant, water related research questions of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Besides its own research activities, the center has coordinates and cooperates with all national and international entities and stakeholders in the water sector.

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Facilities and Equipment 

The National Water Center has a range of Facilities and Equipment available that includes: laboratories; climate station; sampling device; a mobile laboratory van; a pilot scale irrigation device; and algae production facilities.

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The National Water Center offers a range of services that include: consultations; a dedicated contact person, knowledge and technology, student and business support, funds and grants and conferences.

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the top ten water scarce countries in the world due to its hyper arid climate. Over the last few decades, water demand has increased rapidly due to population growth, remarkable expansion in the urban areas, economic development, and changes in lifestyle which effectively have led to the increase in water demands for irrigation, domestic uses, touristic activities, and industrial processes.

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