Page 10 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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Thisyear theUniversityagain improved its international
statue, now being ranked by QS World University
Rankings at number 372, and for the first time this
year at number 235 in the Arts and Humanities and
at number 202 in the Life Sciences. During this year,
accreditation and academic recognition was received
by the Faculties of Education, Engineering, and
Over the last two years, the UAEU has taken decisive
steps to increase its research output and in 2010/
2011 has once more provided research solutions of
genuine value to the Nation, at the same time having
maintained its leading role in educating and training
the future leaders and problem solvers of the UAE.
That research, which is now at the core of university
life, was captured in the UAEU Education & Research
2011 event held in Abu Dhabi. In addition to the over
100 research projects on display, the new research
search engine was launched that has enabled
industry, government, and other academic institutions
to partner with the UAEU in research of relevance to
the Nation and Region.
Research funding from internal resources was
increased while additional partnerships with external
funding agencies has resulted in the UAEU currently
overseeing 479 Research Projects. The PhD program
expanded this year and now has 70 students
representing six Faculties, with one third of these
students being Emirati Nationals and many of the
remaining students being lifelong residence of the
UAE. The university eagerly awaits a fully funded
national research agency to continue to expand its
contribution to significant research in the country,
region, and the world.
The UAEU enhanced its visibility and recognition as a
national and international resource providing influence
and expertise. During 2010/2011 it was instrumental
in the development of the Foundation Articulation
Agreement, the ongoing implementation of the
UAEU-HCT Partnership, and K-12 Reform through
the UGRU-High Schools Outreach Initiative. The
university collaborated with Ministries, Departments
and Councils on a wide range of topics in support of
continuous development of the Nation.
With more than 51,000 Alumni, many of them now
holding senior positions within government and private
At the conclusion of this thirty-fourth year of the United Arab Emirates
University, it is with pride to once again acknowledge the UAEU’s
contribution to the development of a knowledge economy in the Country.
This report summarizes the progress made with the transformation of the
first and oldest National University during the 2010/ 2011 year.
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