Page 11 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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industry in the UAE, the university launched its Alumni
website that is dedicated to enhancing the special
relationship between Alumni, their Departments, and
faculty members.
The UAEU maintained distinguished company with
the likes of the University of Oxford, the University
of Cambridge, Stanford, University of California
Berkeley, and University of Washington, to name just
few of the numerous partner institutions. Evidence of
UAEU’s excellent reputation with external partners
and stakeholders can be found in the many diverse
Memorandums of Understanding signed during the
year, as well as the numbers of external visitors that
flocked to the UAEU like; the Minister of State for
Foreign Affairs, Ambassadors from the US, South
Korea and Finland, and the former Arabic translator
and interpreter for Queen Elizabeth.
The lifeblood of any university is its students and
the UAEU is no exception when it comes to the ever
improving caliber and capabilities of its students.
With the focus on their holistic development students
were exposed, through the appointment of the new
Emirati National Dean of Students, to a complete
undergraduate experience that included academics,
mentoring, and social activities. Residence and
campus life provided students with opportunities to
learn, experiment, grow, and develop, all in a safe,
secure and nurturing environment. Students won both
local and international awards, travelled internationally
and locally, participated in social clubs, and reached
out to those less fortunate than themselves through
both volunteering and fundraising. A pleasing
development this year was that health, counseling,
and disability services were enhanced.
If students are the lifeblood of the UAEU, faculty are
the heart that sustain the university. In 2010/2011
faculty were the recipients of many awards, conducted
research of high relevance to the Nation, developed
and improved curricular, refined undergraduate Math
placement, designed a world-class Arabic proficiency
test, and admirably supported the learning of UAEU
students. The university is privileged to have 197
Emirati National faculty representing just over 26%
of all faculty at the UAEU, and this year the first
annual faculty recognition dinner was held by the Vice
Chancellor for those recently promoted.
After moving into the new residence halls last year,
the female students started classes on the new state-
of-the-art campus and the opening of the Crescent
Building later in the year brought with it easier access
to the Library and to core administrative functions
under one roof.
Continuous improvement occurred across a wide
variety of support functions through changes in
administrative policy, the automation of a number of
manual, repetitive and labor intensive processes, the
outsourcing of non-core services, and the updating
of university-wide support services. This year also
saw the implementation of the rebranding of the
UAEU, which has provided the university a unique
presentation and recognition as a leading educational,
research-intensive institution.
The UAEU is delighted to share this 2010/2011
Annual Report with all its stakeholders that once again
confirms it is committed as much today to serve the
Nation as it was 34 years ago.
Jan 21, 2013
Dec 7, 2017