Page 33 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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Criculum Development, Accreditation and
The MBA program was introduced to the Al Ain
community while the DBA program accepted its
first intake in Spring 2011, predominantly with UAE
National students and a number of universities have
been contacted to partner with the UAEU to help
supervise dissertations. the Faculty of Business and
Economics (FBE) worked with the external Board of
Executive Advisors, identifying research areas as well
as assisting the UAEU to refine it Economics program.
During this period the Faculty of Education (FEDU)
received international recognition from the Center
for Quality Assurance in International Education
(CQAIE) for its undergraduate program for the
second time and for its graduate program for the first
time. New multidisciplinary Master’s programs were
developed in Educational Leadership, Curriculum
and Instruction, and Special Education, while the
PhD program (Mathematics Education, Science
Education, Language Education, Special Education,
and Educational Leadership) initiates its first cohort in
Fall 2011. The goals of these programs is to meet the
needs and aspiration of teachers, principals, and other
school professionals who are eager to improve and
update their professional status. In addition curricular
changes were made within Early Childhood, Special
Education, and Elementary Education.
The General Linguistics Program, within the FHSS
introduced a minor concentration in Aphasia and the
Mass Communication Department streamlined its
curriculum from four tracks to two; a broadly defined
journalism track that incorporates print, broadcast,
and online reporting components, and a strategic
communication track which includes public relations,
advertising, and audience research components.
The Department of Translation Studies introduced
students to a third language, French, set up a
translation lab, and modified its curriculum to meet
international standards.
The Faculty of Engineering (FOE) B.Sc. programs
in Architectural, Chemical, Civil, Electrical,
Communication, Mechanical, and Petroleum
Engineering have obtained full accreditation by the
Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC), which
accreditation extends retroactively to October 2008.
In addition the graduate level common courses
such as Math, Statistics, GIS, EIA, and Engineering
Management were standardized for consistency and
transferability. The B.Sc. degree in Chemistry in the
Faculty of Science (FOS) at UAEU was awarded
accreditation by the Royal Society of Chemistry,
UK, (RSC) in Fall 2010 and was the first program
outside the UK to receive this prestigious award. The
B.Sc. in Chemistry now has the unique distinction of
accreditation by professional societies both in the UK
and North America (Canadian Society for Chemistry).
The FOS once again reviewed its curricula
benchmarked against international universities.
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