Page 35 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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Student Society) to serve as a vehicle for practical
learning and mastery of the main elements of the
work of public relations practitioners. “Voices�?, a
magazine of student’s creative writing and art, was
launched in the Department of English Literature.
A special visit occurred by the former translator
and interpreter to Queen Elizabeth, Dr. Leslie
McLoughlin, while the Translation Department also
hosted the French Day with representatives from the
French Embassy to promote the French language
and culture.
Students from the Faculty of Law (FOL) attended a
number of moot court competitions to provide them
with writing, drafting, research and oral argument
skills. Students went as far afield as Oxford in the
UK, Washington DC in the US, Vienna in Austria, and
also locally in Dubai and Al Ain. Students visited the
Criminal Investigation Department of the Abu Dhabi
Police to observe the nature of this department’s
work and how they support the courts to render the
right decision.
Social clubs in the FOS are highly active and are run
by students with consultation from faculty to foster
a fun and enriching environment for students. The
students organized a number of activities to promote
an enjoyable learning environment for all students
and to connect with other Faculties thereby spreading
knowledge across the University. The clubs fostered
academic and social support for all students through
their presentations, workshops, demonstrations,
tours, field trips, and local and national events that
discussed the latest developments in the field.
A number of UAEU students, with the support of the
iWIL Centre, attended the following conferences
and events; The World Future Energy Summit 2011
in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi International Offset
Conference 2011 in Abu Dhabi, the 4th AIESEC
Leadership Forum in Dubai, and the 4th Youth
Leadership Gulf Conference in Dubai.
UAEU students also attended the Third Development
Forum in Qatar, assisted in many conferences
and events, participated in many varied sporting
competitions, and many other extra- and co-curricular
In terms of leadership and social responsibility, the
first UAEU Student Council was established, theatre
performances were undertaken in collaboration with
the Ministry of Culture and Youth, music classes
started, the UAEU Student Music band created,
and parents as partners were involved in the
learning experience and success of students via
their participation in orientation and online links to
the Student Affairs website. The Sheikh Mohamed
Bin Zayed Scholars were addressed by the US
Ambassador as part of their leadership development
program, and many students attended the orientation
session on the 2011 elections of the Federal National
Council presented by the Minister of State for Foreign
Affairs and Minister of State for Federal National
Council Affairs.
The cultural heritage of UAEU students is of critical
significance and importance to the leadership of
the institution and accordingly the Second UAE
University Student Culture and Tradition Festival
was held to highlight UAE heritage, folklore, poetry,
and other activities of keen interest.
Student Benevolence
In Spring 2011, more than 350 students provided
over 10,000 certified volunteering hours (tracked in
the Meddad system) to the following organizations
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