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values and freedom were extolled and celebrated.
Intellectual Heart
During 2010/2011 the Library refocused its vision to be
the intellectual heart of the University, a research library,
and a reputable leader among academic libraries in the
region. This resulted in changes to the availability of core
databases, online renewal of materials, an email reference
service, and web-based forms for submitting requests
of offered services, all in response to patron needs. In
addition students were provided opportunities to engage
in critical thinking through the Library’s information literacy
Language Infusion
Math and IT instructors in UGRU attended an in-house
teacher-training course on teaching English as a Foreign
Language that aimed at providing content-teachers
additional skills to infuse language-learning objectives
into their lessons, resulting in them acquiring a Cambridge
ESOL qualification (TKT Module 1).
Technology Support
Various instructors in UGRU implemented pod-casts and
other multimedia as part of their classroom activities and
a comprehensive online set of “How To�? video clips were
created for students, covering most topics in the UGRU
IT course syllabi. Over 60,000 student visits were made
in a semester to the Independent Learning and Tutorial
Centers while permanent writing centers in both Arabic
and English have been supplemented by the introduction
of the new speaking centers allowing students to practice
for the IELTS speaking exam.
Fulbright Scholars and Student Program
This year the UAEU once again supported the endeavors
for partnership and collaboration in the area of education
with world-leading American universities and institutions
and participated in educational exchanges such as the
Fulbright Program. Through this program, a larger number
of students and scholars from both the UAE and the US,
who were selected for their academic excellence and
leadership potential, studied and taught in each other›s
country, exchanged ideas, and provided joint solutions to
several problems.
This international cooperation in the area of education
mutually benefited both countries as it increased the
understanding of each culture and led to enhanced
comprehension of both educational systems. UAEU
is committed to encouraging new linkages with US
educational institutions and continued to pursue an
ambitious agenda of cooperation with US world-leading
universities in a broad array of academic fields and
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