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Research Linkage and Grants
The Faculty of IT (FIT) introduced this concept in
2010/2011, which allowed faculty to receive support
to establish collaborations with leading researchers at
top overseas universities and to be immersed in the
institution’s research environment. To be eligible for a
research linkage grant required faculty to prepare a brief
white paper which would be adjudicated on by the Dean
and the Faculty Council. The program established faculty
leadership in their research field and developed lasting
and productive collaborations with top researchers in
leading institutions.
Research in Action
This year there are 541 students enrolled in 24 graduate
programs in the UAEU. The UAEU currently has 479
ongoing internal and external research projects.
Research projects in FFA covered: economic and
technical analysis of small ruminants (sheep and
goats), poultry, and dairy subsectors within the UAE; the
production of high quality sun-dried tomatoes; and the
implementation of a community-based Diabetes Nutrition
Education for adults with Type 2 Diabetes.
Within the broad offerings of FHSS, highlighted research
included; a Comprehensive and Participatory Study
on the Issues, Needs, and Priorities of Women in Abu
Dhabi, an Integrated GIS-T Vehicle Crashes Study in the
UAE, the Justice System Experiences of Young Emiratis,
an evaluation of UAE Prisons, and partnered in a new
multidisciplinary grand iAtlas to develop a digital atlas
of renewable energy sources in the UAE. The Social
Work department of FHSS was instrumental in the
establishment of the Family and Gender Studies Center.
A project supported by the Zayed Military Hospital was
completed by the FIT that delivered an online Portal to
collect, analyze, and report medical data to the UAE
Armed Forces Medical Services Corps. The system
contained a breadth of data required specifically to meet
the needs of the UAE Army personnel.
The Faculty of Law organized the first Scientific Legal
Research Competition open to all Faculties/Colleges of
Law in the UAE.
During this academic year the Roadway, Transportation
and Traffic Safety Center staff in FOE undertook research
projects with the Department of Transport-Abu Dhabi, the
Ministry of Education/Emirates Transport, and the Health
Authority of Abu Dhabi to assess; Public Bus Operation
and Services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Traffic Safety
Performance of School Bus Services of Emirates
Transport, and an In-Depth Crash Investigation of Abu
Research Cluster Hires
The second cluster hire, Professor Thomas Arends,
was recruited with a mandate to develop corporate
governance and policy and the UAEU has submitted
several proposals to Ministries and awaits research
funding for future projects.
Publications and Patents
During 2010/2011 faculty once gain published widely
in; national and international journals, regional and
international conference papers, and books or chapters
in books. This year also saw the UAEU file 4 patents.
The Faculty of Education published two issues of the
Faculty journal entitled “International Journal for Research
in Education�?, while the frequency of the Emirates
Journal of Food and Agriculture (EJFA) published by FFA
increased from 2 to 6 issues per year. The EJFA’s advisory
and editorial boards includes a Nobel Laureate and
following the MoU signed with NetFunda Technologies,
a company providing the Stanford University Press web
platform with online submission, tracking, and peer
review facilities, this is the only scientific journal in the
Middle East that publishes 6 issues per year and has
online submission.
PhD Program
The UAE’s first national university PhD program has
grown since its inception a year ago and now offers
3 Doctorate degrees and currently has 70 students
representing six Faculties. A third of these students
are Emirati Nationals on scholarships or tuition waver,
with many of the remaining international students being
lifelong residence of the UAE.
The program involves one year of course work to be
followed by research and the writing of a dissertation
over a further 2 to 3 year period. Standards are high, with
admission and program quality managed by the Board of
Graduate Studies.
The program has proved successful in advancing
fundamental and applied research that addresses
challenges of national and international interest with
focus on areas such as health, energy, water resources,
environment and nanotechnology, educating and training
graduates to meet the needs of the Nation, and provided
graduates with new skills and knowledge for their
scientific and professional careers.
Research Resources
This year the Library subscribed to more than 35 scholarly
electronic journal packages and databases for the
university community and offered a variety of electronic
journals, electronic books, theses and dissertations, and
other information resources through electronic packages
from prominent publishers and aggregator databases.
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