Page 43 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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Selected journal packages included: Science Direct that offers access to 2,070 scientific, technical and medical journals; Wiley/
Blackwell with over 1,400 journals mainly for FHSS, FBE, and FMHS; Oxford Journals Online for FHSS; Emerald with over
330 titles; IEEE with over 170 journals and magazines for FIT and FOE; and others. Additional academic library databases
were available and included the EBESCO aggregator, JSTOR multidisciplinary database, LexisNexis legal database, Web of
Knowledge, ProQuest, and Magill on Literature plus for English programs.
In the area of E-books, the Library provided access to the EBRARY database that contains more than 60,000 full text electronic
books covering a variety of subjects.
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