Page 50 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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New Campus
In Fall 2010 classes commenced for the first time
on the new female campus, with the move to a
modern new facility. In the new facility all classrooms
are well equipped with double and single mounted
SmartBoards, LCD projectors, desktop computers,
computer desks, and wireless internet access.
The shared labs were moved and systematically
activated during the academic year and will be in full
use from Fall 2011. This year also saw the move of
employees, equipment, and documents to the new
and impressive Crescent Building, bringing most of
the core administrative functions under one roof.
DBA Space in Abu Dhabi
The DBA program is now housed in the ADWEA
Training Center, which has proven to be an ideal
location for the program.
Education Student Development Unit (SDU)
A new designated SDU within the FEDU includes a
small library housing the textbooks for the curriculumof
the public schools and a tutoring space, a workspace/
meeting room for student candidates to prepare
assignments, and a resource room of materials to
work with children with and without disabilities.
Language Neuroscience Lab
Within the FHSS the Linguistics Department
has developed its new Language Neuroscience
Laboratories, which houses the EEG system and other
psycholinguistics testing facilities, the Psychology
Department has prepared the new Family Well-Being
Center and Behavioral Neuroscience Lab, while the
Gender and Family Studies Center was established
for the study of all matters related to family.
Digital Signage Display Screens
Close to 100 digital signage display screens were
connected during the year, allowing the university to
show content around the campus. The sophisticated
architecture of the machines meant that machines
have been grouped in categories to allow different
The transformation plan identifies that it is essential to create the right physical
environment to sustain the ongoing work and life of a scholarly community,
of both faculty and students. An excellent beginning has been made with
the current new campus. Additions and modifications are underway with the
residential collegesystem, theexpansionof research throughout theuniversity,
graduate student housing, and the Global Institutes. The UAEU has created a
comprehensive physical structural plan to support the Chancellor’s vision of
what this University will become, and will undertake needed modifications on
the newcampus to accommodate themedium-termneeds of the transformation
action items already underway.
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