Page 52 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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In support of Goal 1 many automated enterprise applications were developed for faculty and staff, some of which
included; an online travel reimbursement system, a notification that passports or visas will expire, the capture and
update of qualification and professional development profiles, an online research search engine to share UAEU’s
research capability, an automated Banner User request, and a new portal interface designed specifically for usage with
mobile devices.
In addition the online course catalogue was released allowing visitors to understand the requirements for each program
in the UAEU and many websites were rebranded in keeping with the revised branding guidelines released early in the
new academic year.
Technology by Numbers
There are 1,138 network switches and 3,502 wireless access points
Data storage capacity is 87,741,027,896,524 bytes
An average of 44,500 emails are sent per day
There are over 100 virtual servers
Annually over 183 million emails are delivered
Over 198 million emails filtered as spam in 2010/2011
In excess of 25,300 average monthly viruses were blocked and deleted
Uptime of 99.954 percent
There are on average 15,000 UAEU portal logins per day, peaking at 42,000
There are on average 5,000 mobile logins per day, peaking at 8,000
The UAEU website has 37,306 average page views per day
Over 260,000 visitors accessed the website in 2010/2011
The web content management system holds 3,515 pages
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