Page 56 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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The UAEU enhanced its visibility and recognition as a
national and international resource providing influence
and expertise in a range of areas related to education
within the UAE, some of which is highlighted here.
K-12 Reform
The UAEU continued to service High Schools within
the country and during 2010/2011 the UGRU-High
Schools Outreach Initiative provided support to two
Al Ain high schools by introducing the admission
requirements of the federal higher education
institutions within the schools and helped students
achieve these requirements while still in high school.
Results were very encouraging with 384 Grade
12 students being offered IELTS preparation and
foundation mathematics courses resulting in 22% of
participating students achieving IELTS 5.0 or higher
and 28% meeting the UAEU Faculty-specific Math
admission requirements.
A MoU was signed between the UAEU and the
Ministry of Education to enhance joint cooperation,
with particular reference to the launch of a Master’s
Program to empower teachers to address learning
challenges, and to offer continuing education
programs in quantitative and qualitative skills.
UAEU-HCT Partnership
Regular visits were made to UAEU students at the
HCT Fujairah and the Western Region campuses
to offer support and assistance in meeting UAEU
admission requirements. Ongoing contributions to the
partnership included offering English summer school
study to qualifying students who do not yet have an
IELTS 5.0 Faculty admission requirement.
Foundation Articulation Agreement
The three federal institutions of the UAEU, ZU,
and HCT have agreed that students who complete
specified English and Mathematics requirements at
the pre-undergraduate foundation level may transfer
to a degree equivalent program any of the three
federal institutions of higher education. The agreement
has enabled students from every part of the UAE
to take full advantage of the entire professional and
academic programs offered by the three institutions,
while enabling the institutions to focus on core areas
of program offerings and eliminate the need for
Educational Cooperation
The Faculty of Education cooperated with the Ministry
of Education (MOE), Ministry of Social Affairs (MSA),
and the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) as
valuable external partners in order to train student
teachers in their schools. FEDU collaborated with
and visited 77 schools, and trained 77 Principles, 123
Supervisors, and 182 Teachers.
Several faculty members served the community in
a variety of fields; refereed educational awards like
the Hamdan awards, Khalifa awards, and Princess
Haya Award on Special Education, Special Education
consultants for theMinistry of SocialAffairs, consultants
to the MOE, and the organization of the “Autism Day�?
in collaboration with Al-Ain Rehabilitation Center and
Care for Special Needs, while Physical Education
faculty shared their expertise with the Zayed Higher
Organization for Humanitarian Care, the Higher
Education Sport Federation, and the Scientific Center
for School Sport Development.
UGRU has set up a joint committee with the British
Universities in Dubai (BUiD), Zayed University (ZU),
and HCT to promote professional development among
teachers in the coming academic year.
Alumni Website
2010/2011 saw the exciting launch of the Alumni
website in both English and Arabic. By doing so the
UAEUconfirmed its dedication toenhancing the special
relationship between Alumni, their Departments, and
faculty members. This website provides services
that complements undergraduate studies, covering a
variety of program benefits, events, and communiqué
designed to help meet the over 51,000 UAEU Alumni
career and further educational requirements. The
The University exerts strong influence and provides direct support to improve
primary and secondary education throughout the UAE. This is achieved with
the use of information technology and employment of UAEU’s enhanced
research capability to influence school policy. In addition the UAEU
influences the funding formula of the University, Zayed University and the
Higher Colleges of Technology to reflect and support national interests while
working to clarify the distinct roles of the three partners. The University has
increased the philanthropic support for its facilities and programs, and is
slowly building the University’s endowment funds.
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