Page 57 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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activities, and initiatives within their University.
Alumni gatherings were held by the Faculty of
Education (FEDU) and the Faculty of Engineering
First FOE Alumni Day
The first Faculty of Engineering Alumni Day was
held this year with the participation of over 200
Alumni. The program included presentations and
departmental open days that students, faculty, and
industry representatives attended, and included
an entrepreneurship competition for Mechanical
Engineering students.
University of Cambridge
A significant event during 2010/2011 was the signing
of the MoU between the UAEU, the government of
Abu Dhabi, and Cambridge University in the UK. The
signors of the agreement were the UAEU Chancellor
and HRH Prince Phillip. The agreement will
concentrate on research between the two Faculties
of Business and has tentatively been named The
UAEU-Cambridge Abu Dhabi Focused Research
Institute, to be jointly governed.
UAEU-Oxford Lecture Series
This lecture and seminar series resulted from the
visit by the Vice Chancellor of the University of
Oxford and the mutual desire to work together. Based
on this desire, Pembroke College and the UAEU
collaborated to bring a three-part Lecture and Seminar
Series to the UAEU. Distinguished Professors from
Oxford have undertaken Lectures in Abu Dhabi and
Seminars on the UAEU campus covering topics
that included Diversifying the Economy, Education,
Lifestyle Diseases, Genetics, and Business and
Project Management.
World Health Organization
Within the FFA, the Department of Nutrition and
Health was designated as a WHO Collaborating
Center in Nutrition for the GCC, while two MoU’s were
signed; one with BIOMIN and Romer Laboratories to
create a Mycotoxin Reference Center (MRC), which
is capable of running all type of mycotoxin and will
be able to produce quarterly reports on mycotoxin in
food and feed in the GCC, and the second with the
Farmers Serves Center in Abu Dhabi to engage in
a series of cooperative activities of common interest
and mutual benefit.
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